Justice Never Looked So Good!


I thought it best to profile our DC heroes in light of the upcoming 2017 movie – Justice League!

‘The Hope’

Hero Name: Superman

Real name: Kal-el

Earth name: Clark Kent

Bio: Landing on Earth as an infant, he is an alien from the destroyed planet Krypton. As a life-long resident of Earth he tries his very best to protect this planet and the people in it; at the cost of his own life in some cases. Living above and beyond our moral standards, he is ‘The Hope’ that all humans pray for during their darkest hour.

Powers: He has super strength, heat vision, cold breath, X-ray vision, super-hearing, super speed and the ability to fly. He is damn near invincible and gets his powers from our sun.

Weakness: Kryptonite.

‘The Wonder’

Hero Name: Wonder Woman

Real name: Diana Prince

Bio: A Demigod Princess warrior living on an isolated all-female Amazonian island called ‘Themyscira’. Free from the constraints of a patriarchal society, she is the ultimate beacon of strength for all women. Brought to life and gifted by the Gods she is, without a doubt, ‘The Wonder’.

Powers: Her powers are immense strength and durability, second to none combat skills, God-made amor and weapons including a lasso that forces the person wrapped in it to speak the truth. She wields a sword, shield, crown and indestructible cuffs. Also, in certain comics, she can fly.

Weakness: Being bound by a man.

‘The Night’

Hero name: Batman

Real name: Bruce Wayne

Bio: Orphaned as a child due to his parents being shot and killed by a criminal, young Bruce grew up to be billionaire Bruce Wayne by day whilst living as his alter ego ‘Batman’ by night. He is needed by Gotham to fight against the gangs overruling the corrupt city. Always watching over Gotham in the shadows, he is ‘The Night’.

Powers: Technically, he doesn’t have any. However, he is exceptionally well disciplined and expertly trained in combat and martial arts, he is very intelligent and street savvy and his wealth funds a world of gadgets that help get him out of sticky situations.

Weakness: ‘Martha’ – Just kidding. He is not superhuman and so has the same weaknesses as us.

‘The Ocean’

Hero name: Aquaman

Real name: Arthur Curry

Bio: The King of Atlantis, husband to Mera, and protector of the oceans and all aquatic life. At his most powerful in the Earths waters he truly is ‘The Ocean’.

Powers: As you would imagine he can breathe under water and swim at amazing speeds. The depths and pressure of the oceans have no effect on him and he has super strength. He also has the ability to communicate with aquatic creatures telepathically and can control them.

Weakness: Being out of water for long periods of time.

‘The Speed’

Hero name: The Flash

Real name: Barry Allen

Bio: After the unsolved murder of his mother he goes on to become a police/forensic scientist helping to solve crimes; working late one night a lighting bolt strikes his lab and hits some of his chemicals spilling them on to him. As a result he gains the power of lightening fast speed. Wasting no time in using his power to help the people of earth, he brings ‘The Speed’ to The League.

Powers: Super speed; which entitles him ‘the fastest man alive’.

Weakness: Like Batman, he is not superhuman and can die the same way any human can.

‘The Cyber’

Hero name: Cyborg

Real name: Victor Stone

Bio:  Victor Stone was a high school sports star with the brains to match, however his story to becoming Cyborg is somewhat tragic. His S.T.A.R lab scientist parents subjected him to an experiment that further enhanced his already intelligent mind but it increased the hostility between him and his parents. After suffering a severe injury that severed most of his body his father, saving his sons life using technology, rebuilt Victors limbs/body – making him whole again – as Cyborg. However, Cyborg was not happy with the results of his parents experimenting. Resenting his parents and rejected by the world he battles with his insecurities and is one of the few heroes that does not have a love interest. Now, being more technology than man, he is ‘The Cyber’.

Powers: He has super strength, speed, X-ray vision and can fly. However his most incredible features are his cybernetics, he can hear and control technology, manipulate online communications, he can extract data and acquire new skills and information. It is fair to say that given todays cyber-society, his powers put him at an extreme advantage.

Weakness: In our thriving internet culture he is permanently connected and online. Thus according to Ray Fisher, the actor playing Cyborg, “His greatest weakness is actually trying not to succumb to the technology. Trying to stay human.”

James DeMonaco on Purge TV series: “They’re far ahead on the TV front”


Not every successful horror franchise is lucky enough to get a TV series but according to James DeMonaco, The Purge is definitely on its way to our televisions and I think it’s going to be great!

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I’m not frightened, are you?


A Generation Immune to Horror.

Today I watched a report from 1973 on YouTube, it revealed documented audience reactions to The Exorcist after its premiere release 43 years ago. It was really awesome to witness the world go crazy over a horror movie! Many people were fainting, crying, leaving the film early, a priest expressed his disgust and there were even reports of people throwing up! However whilst watching this, all I could think was…Damn… What would it take to get that reaction from an audience today in 2016!

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Lights Out (2016) Review: 7/10


If The Babadook (2014) and The Ring (2002) hooked up, Lights Out (2016) would be its baby. Sounds good right?

When a grief stricken and mentally ill mother begins talking to herself while her son is being terrorised by a ghastly figure that inhabits the home whenever it’s dark, it is up to the estranged daughter and her boyfriend to step in and rescue her little brother; and hopefully her struggling mother as well.

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Do we like remakes? Is that a thing now?


Hollywood loves remakes, yet to most audiences the word ‘remake’ is like marmite. Some love it, some hate it. However in light of upcoming films like Blair Witch (2016),  Amityville: The Awakening (2017) and Rings (2016)I thought it best to write something concerning remakes/reboots.

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